Keppe’s Therapy Certification Program – Monthly Payment


Payment is monthly. You will be notified when your second month payment is due. This price is for clients of Integral Psychoanalysis.

2 year on-line training program in English for students who wish to become certified teachers of Norberto Keppe’s science of psycho-socio-pathology.


Product Description

  • Enhance the effectiveness of work you are already doing as a coach, teacher or therapist. You’ll distinguish yourself among your peers and enjoy greater results with students, patients and clients.
  • Increase personal productivity – you’ll enhance your awareness of how to avoid unconscious acts of self sabotage, and meet (or exceed) your goals and objectives
  • If you are a manager, human resources professional or business owner, gain the tools you’ll need to massively grow your business by developing leaders within your organization
  • Enhance your professional standing by adding this valuable certificate to your resume and CV
  • If you are a health care professional, help yourself and others resolve the stress  that leads to psychosomatic illness and diminished productivity
  • Gain the insight you need to prevent and deal with  gossip, low motivation, and communication issues so workgroups can function smoothly
  • Increase your emotional competence and help to build the collaboration needed for a smooth and harmonious workplace
  • Become a leader for social good in your community, increase the effectiveness of pastoral counseling, help resolve conflicts and motivate and mentor others.
  • No matter your faith, this course will provide in-depth training in the  theological component of Analytical Trilogy, helping you deepen your spiritual roots to achieve greater equilibrium and  peace of  mind.


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