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The different subjects listed below will be studied through the books of Norberto Keppe.


 This subject intends to offer the fundamentals of Integral Psychoanalysis, the science developed by Norberto Keppe, within the field of psychoanalysis and philosophy as well. Each concept will be studied from its etymologic, philosophic and psychoanalytic origins, and there will be a description of its clinical use in Integral Psychoanalysis. In order to do so, there will be a description of the fields of Psychopathology and Sociopathology, with their transdisciplinary applications, in order to position Integral Psychoanalysis within these fields.


Study of the new science called Psycho-Socio-Pathology by its creator – Norberto Keppe – who unified the analysis of the causes and treatment of individual and social pathology and their interrelation. Under this perspective, the study of the Psychopathology of Power and the Institutions assumes fundamental importance, because the problem of psychic inversion is manifested with more intensity and is more harmful within the structures which hold more political, social and economic power. Through the conscientization of these facts, Keppe proposes a new political and social model, aiming to return to our extremely evolved sane and natural bases, which have been abandoned by humanity since the beginning of civilization.


The New Physics had its origin in Psychoanalysis, as Keppe, a psychoanalyst, studied the energetics of the human being at first. Without understanding the energetics, there is no understanding of the human being or of any material or immaterial being. The energetic science of Keppe unifies Physics and Spirituality, with solutions to millenary problems.


The study of the relationship between Physics, Biology and Psychology, which considers vibration as the center of life and, on the other hand, of the (unconscious) conduct of opposition of human beings to their original energetics, which harms the good functioning of our cells, leading to diseases, corruption and death. The Integral Psychosomatics (Trilogical) treats the emotional and energetic origin of the organic, psychic and social diseases, and puts health under the dependence of a balance between feeling, reason and accomplishment, proposing the energetics as a correcting factor for the sick structure of the human body (energetic medicine) with methods of immunological reinforcement through psycho-energetic balance.


The trilogical viewpoint of Metaphysics, is the influence of spirituality on social and human relations. The treatment of human problems in their integral dimension, which took Norberto Keppe to the unification of the fields of science, philosophy and theology, with the creation of a completely original science, Analytical Trilogy. The evolution of the human being follows similar steps as the Divine Being. In other words, similarly to the Divine Trinity, the history of humanity travels through the Eras of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

THE NEW PHYSICS and practical applications

Studies the union of Physics, Biology and Psychology under the inspiration of Metaphysics in order to reach a true understanding of Man. The true dimension of Physics has been to a great extent reduced when considered just as a study of material (physical) elements. The human being needs to be urgently disinverted and place the fundamental element (energetic) in first place, entering into this new cosmic civilization.


Keppean psychoanalysis applied to history and the main thinkers of our civilization, from the pre-Socratic to Patristic, Scholastics, the Renaissance, the Illuminists, the Moderns and the Contemporary, and their influence on psychosocial structures.


The Keppean method of education is the only educational way possible in order to understand how the process of knowledge occurs, through the universals. The practical application of Keppe’s therapeutic methodology becomes a pedagogic instrument that uses conscientization in order to solve basic educational problems. By using psychic interiorization, this new interdisciplinary, integral and universal approach is the most efficient means of working with the psychopathology manifested in the school.


The science of Analytical Trilogy offers a unique perspective for anyone to become a successful communicator and leader. Through practical tools, it provides a great opportunity for one to develop their career, by influencing any audience with authentic dynamism. Learn to speak in public by controlling fear, nervousness and stress, acquiring self-confidence and credibility. The integral dimension of the human being treated by Keppe’s science teaches us to inspire, motivate and stimulate people in order to obtain the confidence of clients, colleagues and bosses, by developing a kind of integral leadership, which is so necessary for companies and the society of the future.


This subject will offer the basic concepts of sustainability applied to ecology, economy, the arts, and physics, and will offer practical answers found by trilogical researchers in these areas. The trilogical new physics presents the Keppe Motor as an energetic proposal in order to diminish power consumption. All these applications of Analytical Trilogy, as well as the adequate manipulation of earth, and above all a way of working and living with sustainability, will form the basis of this subject, which will focus on new proposals for planetary conviviality.


Study of the bases of the economic thought of the main authors in the economic field. Study and comprehension of new housing models (Trilogical Residences), new models of entrepreneurial organizations (Trilogical Enterprises), and the new economy, which values work, without exploitation or speculation (Keppean theory), and becomes a third way between the capitalist and the socialist models. Practical examples of application of this new economic model will be studied (the Cambuquira Project).


Esthetics, together with goodness and truth (ethics), constitutes the third element, fundamental for our psycho-social and psychosomatic balance. Under the perspective of trilogical sustainability, as beauty is inserted in every field of life, including our jobs, homes and studies, a new project was created, Crescer com Arte (Growing with Art). It is already showing many positive results regarding the emotional and social balance of the population of Cambuquira – southern Minas Gerais State, where it is applied.


The management of psycho-socio pathology in communities


The resolution of conflicts can only be based on justice, which in turn, is based on wisdom, which is not just an accumulation of theoretical knowledge and experience of life, but is mainly based on self-knowledge. Otherwise, there would be a risk of a dominance of projections of inner contents into social conflicts. Through workshops on self-knowledge and conflict management, with discussions based on situations of social conflicts and texts that direct new perspectives for the resolution of fundamental problems, it will be possible to direct the student to practical points of the subject.


Scientific knowledge – origin and fundamental questions. Knowledge within the context of organizations and functions. Research: concept, process and use. Fundamental concepts for research guidance. Research techniques. Research steps. Development of Academic Research. Orientation for Articles. Providing the student the necessary guidance for the development of the theme proposed for the monograph or Final Paper.

1st Semester 

Dra. Cláudia

Keppe’s Therapy Certification Program Preview Call

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Dra. Cláudia

Introductory Teleclass – 2:00 to 3:00 pm (Brazil time)


Study of the book “From Freud to Keppe”

Teachers: Julieta Villarreal Villalobos andRichard Lloyd Jones


Study of the book “Glorification (Part I)”

Teacher: Sari Koivukangas


Study of the book “The Origin of Illness”

Teachers: Anna Karin Björnsdotter Lindquist and Pérsio Burkinski


Study of the book “Liberation”

Teacher: João Leo Pinto Lima


Study of the book “Liberation from the Will”

Teachers: Markku Lyyra and Sofie Bergqvist


Study of the book “Liberation of the people”

Teachers: Fabrizio Biliotti  and Richard Lloyd Jones


Study of the book “Psychoanalysis of Society”

Teachers: Richard Lloyd Jones and Sari Koivukangas

2-3 hours/week of on-line study and live weekly skype call on Friday with Dr. Claudia Pacheco