The aim of the online course is to show the inner psyhological, energetical and metaphysical causes of human illness and ilustrate how consciousness is the way to success. Consciousness is the connecting link between the metaphysical and the essential enery that activates our inner pharmacy and also heals us. The opposite is also valid. Inconscientized irritation, fear, envy, negative thoughts and feelings can block the energetic flow in the body and may eventually lead to illness.

How can we get out of this vicious circle and help ourselves and others? This course is an excellent opportunity for you to become more balanced and help others around you, your family, friends and co-workers, living a more human and healthier life. The course is in English and it is structured with exercises, notes, texts, illustrations, pictures and videos.

It has been developed by experienced psychoanalysts, physicians and psychosociotherapists at the Integral Psychoanalysis main clinic in São Paulo and it includes 12 extensive and elaborated chapters. The course gives you a full insight into the human psychic interior, the causes of disease and the healing process.

Analytical Trilogy (Integral Psychoanalysis) is a science that studies the reasons, the interrelation and the treatment of mental and social health. It´s developed by psychoanalyst Norberto Keppe and integrates the knowledge of theology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, biology, physics, metaphysics, social sciences and the arts. This science is therefore interdisciplinary. The revolutionary Keppe Motor – a low-consuming green energy motor – has been developed through studies and research based on this science.


Content: Here you can see the 12 chapters
The project: Here you can see the project team that designed the course
Hours: About 60 hours, study whenever it suits you. You have access to the login code for one year.
Certification: After completing the course and after giving some written feedback (in Swedish) about the course and what new insights the course has given you, you´ll receive a certificate.


Initial review of the basic causes of mental and physical illness. (13 pages)

The connection between psychological stress and disease. (8 pages)

Psychopathology I
How envy, theomania, fear and anger affect our health. (12 pages)

Psychopathology II
The significant discovery of inversion and its meaning. (9 pages)

Psychopathology III
Our inverted will and the neurotic triangle. (18 pages)

Our defense mechanisms against consciousness and how the unconscious leads to disease. (14 pages)

Dialectic interirorization
The basic method for conscientization. (12 pages)

The study of the Being and the necessity of being in good and ethical action. (13 pages)

Essential energy
A thorough review of the energy that the spiritual and material reality consists of (Vibration, Psychoenergetics, Entropy, Illness, Consciousness. (20 pages)

The energetics of forms
How energy is manifested in matter. DNA is the energetic center of the cell. How feelings and thoughts affect our body. (11 pages)

Biology and genetics
The relation between Physics, Biology and Psychology. (12 pages)

Our inner doctor 
How our inner pharmacy and our internal doctor work (20 pages)